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Top 5 Digital Marketing Experts in Kochi

Published 1 months ago5 min read4 comments

The world is changing and everything is going digital. Digital marketing is the marketing of brands and businesses through the digital mediums such as websites, search engines, social media, emails and even mobile phone apps. With digital marketers on every nuke and corner of the city Kochi, the race for the best is all time high. Digital marketing has become an integral part of marketing strategies and existence on the search results should be on top. SEO has become one of the topmost services that a digital marketer needs to deliver. There are many digital marketers in Kochi, but what makes them stand out is the level of expertise they possess.

So how do you choose the best from the many? So, I’ve made it easy for you. Below are the top 5 digital marketing experts in Kochi presently.


Bibi Mathew is one of the best digital marketing experts in Kochi with more than 5 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. He is the co founder of Fact RE He has a way of providing 100% accurate results for his clients. Keeping up with present trends and exploring its possibilities to the fullest are the key factors that sets him apart from all the others. He has worked with diverse groups of clients each one adding a feather in his cap. If you want your firm to get instant results in the digital space he is the one to contact.


Nishad is also a digital marketing expert based in Kochi with more than 4 years of experience. He has also proved his expertise in in this domain. He provides the complete service relating to the digital marketing needs of any business. SEO, Social Media marketing, PPC marketing are some of the works he undertakes. He has clients both in India and abroad.


Jijo is yet another digital marketing expert in Kochi. He is the co-founder of AJ digital hub based in Kochi. He has worked with many industries including real estate, Tours and travels, health care and IT. He has done several notable works in the past which made him an expert in the domain.


Noufal is a Kochi based digital marketing service provider that has proven his skills in the domain over the years. He provides his clients with advisory services also. Branding, digital marketing and photography and videography are his notable services.


Aneena Binoy is yet another talented SEO analyst based in Kochi. She has been doing works for several international clients too. She specialises in SEO, social media marketing and all the major works that comes under digital marketing. Coming up with innovative works every time is a key speciality of Aneena Binoy.