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How do you publish long tweets in twitter?

Published 1 months ago5 min read4 comments

Twitter had a limit of 140 characters per tweet but later extended the limit to 280 characters. However, there might be circumstances where more than 280 characters are required to express yourself, but Twitter does not allow you to post tweets that surpass the limit. If you face problems too and get frustrated when you want to tweet more than 280 characters then here are few tools that will help you make your tweet short and post it on Twitter.


TwitLonger is usually the most likely application to compose longer tweets; it's been available for years. Getting up and running is simplistic. If it's your first time using the app, you'll need permission from TwitLonger to access your Twitter account. To get started, go to the TwitLonger website, and click Write a Post in the top right corner. Type your tweet into the box when you're ready, give it a title if you want, and click Mail it. In the past, if you had exceeded the count of 140 characters the app would give you a warning. Now, it doesn't matter what content it posts for you.


Pasted is a good way to spread any extended content with lots of people online; it is not specific to Twitter. Pasted offers text formatting, as opposed to any other application. You can change font size, text type, color text, and much more. Write your text and format it into the on-screen box to use the app. Click Submit when you're ready and you'll be given a connection to share with other people. Unfortunately, you can't send the connection directly from the web app to Twitter.

3.Storm It

Storm it's an easy app that lets you add or receive your ideas and share them on Twitter as a Tweetstorm. This is a comparatively new app that kicks off in August 2016. Storm the device is available for Android & iOS. Storm it up! Makes long messages fun & interesting to tweet. Just write your tweet, and click Storm it. It adds count automatically to your tweetstorm.